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Cancer – Stealing smiles

March 20, 2010

Nobody knows what the cause is, though some pretend they do; it (Cancer) is like some hidden assassin waiting to strike at you – W. H. Auden

Cancer! A word that strikes fear and dread in people’s heart. Quite rightly so because it is one of the top ten deadliest diseases known to mankind. Cancer does not affect only the body; it takes away hope and the wish to live; leaving behind despair and angst. It wreaks havoc on both, mind and the body.

Moreover, cancer affects not only the person affected but also his/her family and friends. They have to grapple with tumultuous emotions like grief, anger, fear and disbelief. Thus, it is a term that spreads devastation in the life of people and a real smile stealer.

Yet, Cancer is a word and not a sentence. Like any other adversity, it needs to be fought and overcome with persistence and perseverance., a non-profit organization under the helm of Dr P Jagannath, a renowned oncologist in India, has begun a relentless battle against cancer. It seeks to provide help and thus hope to people afflicted by cancer. Come join this fight and help in its noble venture.

Check out this space to learn about the two initiatives “The Sahayata programme” and the “Crusade Against Cancer” started by to know how your contribution can help make a difference.