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Vijay against Cancer

April 3, 2010

Vijay Singh’s battle against cancer is a story of hope and courage that proves that with the right support and the right attitude, we can put up a good fight against cancer. It is a said that a man’s true nature is revealed during times of adversity; Vijay Singh battled cancer and proved that he was a real life hero with the help and support of his family and his surgeon.

Vijay Singh was diagnosed with Cancer in December 2006 when he went for a check up due to pain in his right abdomen. A strong and active person until then, Vijay had neglected his health and had not bothered about following a proper diet or exercise. Then one day he developed severe abdominal pains accompanied by nausea. One day he noticed blood in his stools and started vomiting copiously. Later he discovered a lump in his lower abdomen which the size of a tennis ball.

The lump with its haphazard growth of tissue was an ugly sight to behold. The unusual growth also induced bleeding and great pain. It was dreadful to see unusual growth and an ugly sight with moreover bleeding. However, Dr Jagannath, a renowned oncologist in India explained to Mr Vijay that he would operate on the tumour and remove it with the help of surgery. He gave new hope and renewed faith to Vijay Singh and his family.

Vijay was equally lucky to have a supportive and loving family apart from a great doctor. His wife supported him in his battle against cancer. Thus, Vijay Singh derived the courage to go through the surgery and by god’s grace and the doctor’s expertise came out of it alive if not unscathed. Though he had to undergo both physical and mental trauma, he emerged a better and more positive person after his battle from cancer.

Now, he goes for regular check-ups and follows a healthy lifestyle. The experience though bitter and hard-hitting also brought Mr Vijay Singh closer to his family and taught him the value of life. Thus, Vijay Singh with his courage and the support of his family members and well-wishers fought and won the battle against cancer.


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