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A Tale of Courage

March 26, 2010

“There would be nothing to frighten you if you refused to be afraid”

– MK Gandhi

A real hero

Mr Balaram Reddy’s story is a live example of this maxim. He fought stomach cancer, a disease that would daunt many people half his age, with vigour and courage that is truly impressive.

He decided to battle the disease and started treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital and instead of being disheartened decided to enjoy the small pleasures in life. He started playing tennis everyday that served as great exercise while following a strict diet with regular medication. Reddy’s optimistic attitude too served him well in his battle against cancer. The treatment proved successful and he was on the way to recovery when he developed ‘Hiatus Hernia’. These continuous attacks could have crushed a person’s morale but Reddy was made of sterner stuff. Undeterred and dauntless like any true hero in the face of adversity he renewed his battle and continued with his regular medicines and exercises.

But, Cancer is no easy foe. It struck again, this time it attacked Reddy’s urinary bladder.  However, by God’s grace, it was detected in the early stages and necessary action could be taken immediately. Today, at the age of 80, Reddy is a living example of a hero who fought cancer twice and managed to come out of the battle alive if not unscathed. Mr. Reddy’s weapons in his battle against cancer were his regular medication, strict diet, proper treatment and last but definitely not the least a fearless and optimistic attitude.

Thus, he has showed us by example that “Cancer is a word and not a sentence” Mr Balaram Reddy’s story is a tale of courage and grit. He is definitely a source of great inspiration and a role model for everyone.


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